Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Snoe Shoo-zit Don't Bother Me Back Acne Spray: Review

As if pimples on my face isn't enough, for the longest time, I've also had to battle back acne or bacne. Aside from the fact that it restricts the type of clothing you wear (no backless, no low back cuts), it's also really hard to self medicate. It's hard to do back spot treatment on your own. Unless you're The Incredible's Elastigirl, then I suppose you're like me. Your reach is probably limited and there are areas that you simply cannot cover.

Good thing I stumbled upon Snoe's Shoo Zit Don't Bother Me Spray Me From Behind Back Acne Spray (Try saying it. It's a mouthful, I know. Haha). It's basically a pimple treatment in the form of spray and it is commonly used for the back because it helps one cover everything, even areas that are hard to reach, all with little effort. Since it's in a spray form, the range is much wider and it can be applied easily.

 Directions and warnings.

Its main ingredients include PUREFIX-DC and salicylic acid, a pimple treatment I've always trusted. This product really helps soothe swollen and 'angry' pimples. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen over night but rest assured, it performs quite well with continued use.

The only negative thing I can think of about this particular product is its fume-like smell. It's super strong. It definitely seeps in and makes one cough if not used correctly. That is why I would highly recommend that you spray it in a well ventilated place. Otherwise, you won't like the experience.

I got this in Snoe SM Sta. Rosa for only PHP349. What's even more amazing about this is that Snoe is actually a local Filipino brand but the quality of products they produce are amazing. I especially like their packaging and the way they name their products. It reminds me of Benefit.

Feel free to browse through Snoe's web page right here for more information.
with love, Anna Luisa

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