Monday, September 22, 2014

Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer: Review

One thing I get asked frequently is what kind of sunscreen I use on my face. Honestly speaking, I never stick to one brand. I feel that this is the part of my skin care routine in which I don't have to be picky, brand-wise. But even if that's the case, there are still some things I take into consideration when choosing one.

Before I get into that, I would just like to dedicate this short portion to explain why sunscreen is needed. Yes, it is. Whether or not you're using whitening/peeling products, sunscreen is very important. If you've never gone out of the house and never noticed it (which I can hardy believe is possible), the heat emitted by the sun is definitely not something you can take lightly. Especially here in the Philippines, a tropical country, direct sunlight for a couple of minutes might result to unsolicited sun burn and wrinkles. So naturally, if you want even and youthful looking skin, then you should definitely wear sunscreen.

So what do I look for in a sunscreen? For one, I make sure that my sunscreen both has SPF and PA properties to provide me with both UVA and UVB protection. I also feel that the minimum number of SPF that I should use is 30. Moreover, I make sure that the formula isn't too sticky. I like those that feels like a light lotion (THEFACESHOP) or one that has a matte finish (this one). It also helps if the product doesn't come with a hefty price tag.

If you're in a budget, I would highly recommend this one from Celeteque as it has all the properties I'm looking for in a sunscreen. It's actually a moisturizer but it has SPF 30 and a PA protection, which they didn't indicate. It just said broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection but that's okay. It has a matte finish (perfect for those with oily skin like me) and it only costs roughly PHP250 or 5.6USD. It also doesn't break my very sensitive skin out. One tube would last for about half a year with continued everyday use. It is also available in leading drug stores such as Watsons, where I got mine.

If you're reading this and you're asking yourself whether you should buy a sunscreen or not, I'm telling you, you should. If you're in a budget, fret not, because Celeteque is a good dermatologist tested brand that's pretty affordable. So for the final question, do I recommend it? The answer's also 'Yes'.
with love, Anna Luisa

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