Wednesday, June 1, 2011

THEFACESHOP Triple Baked Color (Silver Gray 03) : Review

I got this as a present from my friends before. They know I really like K-Pop and I like having Korean stuff so they got me this shadow. The first thing I noticed is how cute the packaging is. It was even wrapped nicely but I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it. I actually never threw the wrap because I found it really nice.

 The product is pretty small, perfect for travelling.

It has three colors, hence the name, perfect for a smokey look. It has white, silvery grey and a dark grey. At first I thought the darkest color was black but then I looked closely and saw that the shade was more of a dark grey.

The applicator, which I never use, is cute too! The handle is transparent and curved. The shape fits the curve of the shadow so it sits perfectly on top of it.

 without flash
with flash
Anyway, they're all shimmery and as for the pigmentation, it's so-so. The white and dark grey colors are pretty pigmented but the silvery grey one is not that noticeable when you apply it. You need a good primer for the color to show.

This product is priced at PHP500+ and personally, I think you can get a better shadow with more colors from a different brand with the same price. But if you're someone like me who likes Korean stuff, this item is actually nice. Over all, though, I feel that it is NOT WORTH IT and is not something that I would buy for myself. That is mainly the reason why I am so thankful to my friends who gave this to me. :)

- very cute packaging
- size is perfect for travelling
- colors are perfect for a smokey look

- a bit pricey since the colors can be easily substituted
with love, Anna Luisa


~tHiAmErE~ said...

ang cute ng packaging!

i'm not into eye make-up na but i think this is one of the shadows that girls will buy because of the packaging not because of the colors..LOL!

Anna Luisa said...

i couldn't agree more! it's like it was madenot for use but for display! haha! :)

Chococcuro said...

Ooo the packaging is so unique!

Anna Luisa said...

true! i really love the packaging! :)

Ruby Girl said...

Awesome, unique colors. <3