Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orly Nail Polish Play Collection: Review

This is actually an old set of polish I got as a gift from one of my good friends. I've had it for quite some time already but the consistency has not changed ever since I opened it. It contains 6 fabulous colors perfect for summer.

If you'd like to see how some of them looks like when applied, you can check it out here. Frankly speaking, I haven't tried other shades from Orly aside from these six but I am very much satisfied with their performance. All six has a nice pearl finish even without a top coat. It's quite pigmented but you need two shades for the color to be opaque.

Out of all the nail polish brands I've tried, Orly seems the best for me. It's sooo WORTH IT.

- fabulous colors
- easy application
- doesn't take too much time to dry
- pearl finish
- consistency doesn't change

- a bit priceywith love, Anna Luisa


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i only have 1 orly polish which is the space cadet from the cosmix fx collection. love the color but i hate the drying time!
takes forever to dry even though i had seche vite as my top coat!

D.Sadie said...

Nice! I want to try Orly polishes.

Anna Luisa said...

@thiamere haha! yeah, it's not quick dry but for me it doesn't take too long to dry. :)

@d.sadie: try it! tell me what you think afterwards, okay? :)