Friday, June 3, 2011


I skipped posting yesterday and I also wasn't able to post earlier today. Sorry! I know I've been MIA-ing a lot lately but I do have reasons!

Yesterday, my bedroom wall was repainted so we were all busy inside the house. I also had my haircut (geometric bob) and I met with my best friend. She was busy studying for the CPA board exam and now that it's over, we met up to catch up with what's happening with eachother's life. Basically, I was busy and tired.

Today, however, was worse. I had to clean up my room and it took me forever to finish. I also had my hair colored (Loreal Casting Cream Gloss in Shade 645 (Amber). So yeah, sorry if I haven't been blogging much lately. Right now, I feel really tired and I just want to doze off.

I'm pressuming I won't be able to blog tomorrow (so sorry!) because I will be out in Araneta to watch 2NE1's show. I'm so excited I even painted my nails hot pink (their official color) earlier this afternoon! ^^

with love, Anna Luisa

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