Sunday, June 12, 2011

NOTD: Sparkling Blue Gradient

I'm aware I haven't been online for 2 days straight and that's because last Friday, I had a call back from the job I applied to. I remember telling you guys about my job interview last time. And I'm also sure I haven't told you I got a call back last Tuesday scheduling me for an aptitude test. I had the test last Wednesday and they told us to expect a call within 2 weeks. To my surprise, I was informed I had to go back to the hospital for pre-employment physical examination the day after. So yeah, last Friday, I spent the day going around the hospital for the examination. I bought some stuff on the way home but I don't plan to talk about that here on this post. After that, I met some of my good old friends and I was just so tired when I got home so instead of typing a post, I slept.

Yesterday, however, was a different story. I tried opening my PC but it wouldn't load through. Memory was busted (or something like that, I'm not really sure). So yeah, expect less posts this coming week because it's not yet fixed.

Today, I borrowed my mom's laptop and decided to share this:

I did  this yesterday and I like it a lot. It's pretty simple but girly. What do you think? :)

with love, Anna Luisa

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