Thursday, June 30, 2011

SNSD Sooyoung Inspired Make-up: How To

So it's official. I got an SMS yesterday and I'll be starting my hospital training soon. I'll be busier than ever so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post as much and I definitely won't be following my schedule as I posted before.

In advance, I'd like to apologize. I'll read all the comments and when I get the chance, I'll reply and even make the 'tagged' posts I'm supposed to do. But anyway, I'm just thankful for all my followers.

Here's a tutorial on a look I've done two weeks ago. I've posted this in my youtube 2 weeks ago, I think. Anyway, just click on the photos below to see the tutorial.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. It was inspired by SNSD's Japanese Run Devil Run MV. :)with love, Anna Luisa


Julie said...

Wow! You look like Sooyoung! :D I hope you do another RDR tutorial soon.

Anna Luisa said...

Hi Julie! Thank you! WOW, I don't think I look like her because she's super duper pretty but thank you so much for giving me such a nice compliment. :) Will try to do more inspired looks of SNSD but probably not an RDR inspired one (although I will try making other RDR inspired looks). Again, thanks! :)

Jessica-Marie said...

Thanks for the tutorial, it looks easy to do! Love the look, it is very natural and pretty :) You're gorgeous!

Please comment/follow my blog &
I'll definitely return the favor :)

Anna Luisa said...

Hi Jess! :) Thanks for the nice comment. I will be sure to drop by your blog.

Anna Luisa