Friday, January 22, 2016

iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle: Review

I noticed that a lot of beauty bloggers and youtubers have been going on about this iWhite 2 Minute Whitening Miracle and although I wanted to jump in on the bandwagon sooner, I couldn't find this particular product in the nearby supermarket and Watsons in my area. Last month, I dropped by Megamall to get my prizes from a video contest I joined and I chanced upon this product in the beauty section of SM Department Store.

At only PHP 24.50, I couldn't pass it up. I bought one to try out and even asked my sister to try it out as well for another opinion. I really wanted to know whether the hype is real. I originally filmed a first impressions review on this product but decided to just delete the footage because I wasn't really happy with it.

Each sachet contains 8ml, which was more than enough for 3 sessions (2 for myself and 1 for my  sister). The photos below are taken during my second attempt to document my iWhite experience and it turned out to be more successful than my first one.

To use the product, you basically just spread an ample amount of the product all over your face, creating a gel-like film on top. You have to let the product sit on your face for about 2 minutes before "working" it.

 Initial application: Gel-like film. Do you see it? :)

After 2 minutes, the product is now ready to work its miracle. Massage the product onto your face using a circular motion and a combination of the product build up and dead skin cells gets lifted off of your skin. Do this for about a minute then rinse.

  Is that the product or dead skin? I'm not really sure but maybe both.
It didn't really feel abrasive on the skin while I was massaging it but unlike other peeling gels that I've tried before from Purebeauty, Nature Republic and Holika Holika, the rough feel this gives is more fine compared to the other products I mentioned. I like to think that because of that, it is able to do its job without being too harsh on the skin.
While rinsing the product, it forms and feels like gel once again. You'd know you're done when you don't feel the gel film on your face anymore. Pat it dry and voila! Super soft and smooth skin. Both my sister and I had similar results. In fact, we couldn't stop touching our face (which we probably shouldn't be doing in the first place) because it was just that soft and smooth.

This particular product has 3 claims: Active Whitening Nourishment, Deep Action Hydration and Gentle Exfoliation. All 3 claims are true as it gives instant brightening effect and like I said, leaves your face feeling soft and supple like a baby's butt. ;)

In conclusion, the raves are real and I would highly recommend this product to everyone out there. If you have already tried it before, do let me know your experiences in the comment section.

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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