Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ever Bilena Shade and Shine Lipsticks: Review

This love month, Ever Bilena announced a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for their Shade and Shine Lipstick lines. Because I wanted to try out more lipsticks from the local brands, I have decided to grab a few and review them for you. I have also included some lip swatches for you to see how it looks when used.


 It expires 24 months after opening

This particular line has unique prints on the packaging itself. For the shade lipstick line, the main tube has black stripes, probably to signify "shade" while the shine lipstick line has hearts on the cap. From the tube to cap, everything's made of cheap plastic which makes it look and feel cheap. The packaging is hard to maneuver (up and down) with one hand, and sometimes even with two. It feels flimsy and looks as if a slight mishandling may cause it to break.

To put it simply, application with this lipstick is a no fuss thing especially since the lipstick is shaped just like a regular lipstick, nothing peculiar about it. Most shades aren't pigmented so you have to swipe it several times to make the color opaque so it might take some time for you to achieve the pigmentation you want. There is also a scent that really bothers me- a combination of sweet candy scent and petroleum jelly. I'm not a fan of that.


 Shade lipsticks have white balms in the center and dark balms for the shine lipsticks. Both balms are colorless.

The shade lipstick like is a creamy matte finish while the shine lipstick line is initially a satin lipstick. However, after a few hours, both lipsticks look creamy.

 EB Shine Lipstick in Lustrous Red
 EB Shade Lipstick in Pink Temptress
 EB Shade Lipstick in Rogue Brick
EB Shine Lipstick in Dazzling Orchid

As mentioned above, these lipsticks aren't pigmented. It may take a couple (or more) swipes in order to get an opaque shade from them. The selection of colors are also limited, with major focus on a variety of red shades. There's not much nudes, oranges and browns.


Surprisingly, even though this is only PHP 95, it performs quite well. It lasted longer on my lips even after eating. It also leaves a slight stain on the lips.
 (Click on the photo for my first impressions video)

Overall, this product was better than what I expected. I have included my initial impressions on the product although after using it some more, I will have to deduct half a point more because the scent bothered me the more I used it. Instead of 3/5, I would give it a final rating of 2.5/5.

I wouldn't highly recommend this product but I wouldn't think of discouraging other people from purchasing this product either. However, if you're a student on a tight budget, this might prove to be a good product to try or start off with.

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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