Tuesday, March 22, 2016

EB Advance Supreme Lipstick (Purples): Review

If you're active enough on instagram (or if you just follow me @theannaluisa), then you probably have already come across the hashtag #CanYouPullOffPurple. It's something that's been out for a few months now ever since Ever Bilena and EB Advance announced that they will be launching new lipstick shades for their collections. And yes, you guessed it right. Everything's purple!  In today's post, I will be featuring the newest EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks in different shades (and finishes) of purple.

WARNING: This post is picture heavy.

It took me a while to get them because I unfortunately live in the South. I mean, I'm close to Metro Manila but even then, it took a while for it to reach at least Muntinlupa which is about 15-30 minutes (and the closest) from my home. Nevertheless, I am glad I was able to try all shades and that I am able to share this goodness with you.


EB Advance are really stepping up their game. I mean look at those packagings! It reminds me of a MAC lipstick, only this one is white and it actually gives off a clean feel which I like. It is made of plastic but it doesn't feel flimsy at all. You cannot see the shade right away but they are labelled at the bottom so you can see the shde without opening the tube.


There are 2 finishes for this line- matte and creme. For each finish, they have 2 shades to choose from. To show you better, I have taken a photo of each of the lipstick tubes for your convenience.

Matte- Velvet Femme
Matte- Amethyst Rose

Creme- Tyra (My personal favorite)

Creme- Naomi

The tubes aren't labelled matte/creme. It is written on the box, though.


There are 2 different shades in total with 2 different finishes so a total of 4 lipsticks were released. All colors are quite pigmented. Side by side watches, along with lip swatches are below for your reference.
From L to R: Velvet Femme, Naomi, Amethyst Rose, Tyra
Amethyst Rose
Velvet Femme


For a product that only costs PHP195, this is a really good product. Everything is pigmented and it is easily applied on the lips. It also doesn't dry out my lips and it stays on for a pretty good amount of time unless you eat greasy food. But then again, retouch is very easy so I really don't mind.

It is also very accessible. I got mine from Watsons and I'm pretty sure this is already available in a lot of stores nationwide.

This is a product that I would highly recommend for anyone out there. Whether you're living or just visiting the Philippines, this is a lipstick that you should get. It is a good quality lipstick for a very affordable price. I also did a video first impressions review on this. Feel free to watch it by clicking on this link or on the photo below. Enjoy!

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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