Monday, December 7, 2015

Beauty in Full Bloom Blogger Party with Healthy Skin: Event

Let me bring you back to an incident that happened a few years ago while I was looking for a good foundation. A sales attendant was helping me choose the right shade and formulation for my skin but I couldn't choose no matter how many products I've already swatched. I confessed that I didn't see how purchasing any of the items would help with my current makeup routine.

Being the ever-so-helpful sales attendant that she was, she asked me what my main concerns were and offered her input on the matter. I responded by telling her that while I am happy with some of the products that I already own, I feel that my foundation doesn't go as smoothly as I want them to be. The SA smiled, as if the answer to my problem was simple.

She directed me to the opposite side of the store, the skin care section, and handed me a face cream. She explained that while finding a good foundation formula is important, it is more crucial to find a good skin care regimen to make sure that the canvas (my face) is ready for some painting (makeup). And just like that, it hit me. Eureka!

Ever since that day, I started being more concerned with skin care. I considered having problematic (oily, acne prone, sensitive) skin as a push for me to learn more about different products, ingredients and innovations.

To date, I've been to 4 different dermatologists and 4 different skin clinics. I've tried numerous types of skin peeling and a variety of topical skin care. I did my research, of course. However, the information found over the internet is not enough so I usually just rely on the dermatologist/aesthetician's explanation. A part of me always wished there's a dedicated website or print where I can learn about these things. A few years later, my wish came true.

I was invited by Ms. Trish to join Healthy Skin and Skin Perfection's blogger event, entitled "Beauty in Full Bloom". It was my first time hearing about both Healthy Skin and Skin Perfection but I did my research and decided to attend the event. I even brought my blogger friend, Paola, with me.

With my friend, Paola. This was actually taken when we were about to go home after the event. This was also after our short stop at SM Aura. :)

It was held in Stacy's BGC and the place was just oh-so-adorable. I'm from the South so it was my first time going to the place.

Colorful cupcakes <3

In the event, I learned bits and pieces about Healthy Skin magazine. A brief background was discussed by Ms. Jenny Bonto.

There was also a short question and answer segment with Dr. Claudia Samonte, the Dermatology Section Head of Aesthetic Center Samonte Clinic. She is also affiliated with St. Luke's Medical Center and other hospitals like De Los Santos Medical Center. She talked about acne, cellulites and nonsurgical procedures that helps enhance one's beauty.

After which, a demo of Skin Perfection's Oxygen Facial was presented by their training consultant, Ms. Grace Garcia-Cruzat. This particular facial is offered in several skin clinics all over the country like Forever Beautiful (Megamall) and It Figures Facial and Slimming Salon (Makati/Ortigas).

I really learned a lot all throughout the event and it was indeed an enjoyable experience. There was also an instagram contest that we joined. Here's my entry for those who are curious.

Lastly, there were freebies. I got copies of Healthy Skin magazine and a trial set of Skin Perfection skin care products, which I am excited to try.

As soon as I got home, I browsed through the magazine and found it delightful to read, especially if you're a skin care junkee like me. I particularly liked the section about microneedling, as it has always been a procedure that I've been meaning to try. I also liked the Skingredients section because it's a good way to learn how a certain product affects our skin and our regimen.

Overall, I had a really nice experience during the event and I am very thankful that I've learned about Healthy Skin and Skin Perfection. You can learn more about them by following them on their social media (IG: @healthyskinph and @skinperfectionphilippines). Here's a vlog for those who want to see how the event went.

This is the SM Aura display that I couldn't help but share with you.

With Love,
Anna Luisa

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