Saturday, September 3, 2011

SanSan Soleil Lip Colour Pink Tropics: Review

And so I bought this lip colours more than a month ago and as I always say, I haven't had the time to post about it. I saw some reviews regarding this summer SanSan line so when I went to check out HBC, I got 2 of the 3 available lip colors. Just don't ask me why I didn't get all three when I still could. I got Pink Tropics and Peach Ibiza. Now I regret not getting the Nude Carribean. I kept Pink Tropics for myself, which I really love and gave my Peach Ibiza away as one of my gifts.

Anyway, the packaging is so cute, as you can see. And it smells like coconut or something. What's best about it is that it only costs PHP 109.75 each! Cheap, right?

without flash
with flash

on my lips (no flash)

- Colors are very much wearable
- I love the coco smell
- Cheap
- Available locally
- Not drying
- Cute packaging

- Easily fades

Would I buy it again? Hmmm... Probably not the same color but I'm thinking of buying Nude Carribean. And yes, this is worth it. :)
with love, Anna Luisa


Helen said...

I love the sunny yellow packaging of their Soleil line. And this lippie has been getting lots of rave reviews! The pink one looks really nice. :)

Anna Luisa said...

That's true. It has a lot of rave reviews. It's the main reason why I got one myself. :p