Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baviphat Apple All-in-One Peeling Gel: Review

So I was really curious as to what this product is all about. I've never tried peeling gels before. I think I've seen Etude House carry something similar to this. Well, anyway, because I've only tried chemical peeling through my dermatologist, I was hesitant to buy the full size so I got a trial/sample version from e-bay, thanks to BIGTOKYO. :)

my sister opened it w/o my permission so i had no choice but to take its picture looking like that xp

I'm sorry I have no before, during and after shots. Basically, what happens is when you apply it and rub it on your face, white product/ clumps form and frankly speaking I'm not really sure if that's the product, your dead skin or both! All I know is that after rinsing, my face feels super soft and smells super good.

- smells super good (like apple, of course)
- makes skin super soft
- removes dead skin instantly

- not available locally (i think)

Is it worth it? YES. Will I buy the product again? If it becomes available locally, WHY NOT? If not, then I'd have to mark that as a MAYBE. xp

with love, Anna Luisa


Jel ♡ said...

sis how much? haha thats exactly the prob with peeling gels coz you dont know if yung dead skin ba yun or yung product na ngdry na. but ive heard of famous brands from japan na effective dw.

aMz88 said...

really interesting :D thank u for the review ^^

Anna Luisa said...

@Jel: hi! i forgot the exact price but this is pretty cheap since it's just a sample. you won't go over php25 for one sample. well, i pretty much trust Baviphat since it's a Korean brand. I'm just supposing it's doing its job. Haha! i'd like to try Japanese brands too. :)

@aMz88: you're welcome. i followed you back. :)