Monday, September 12, 2011

Human Nature: Haul + Giveaway

Here are some of the Human Nature products that I got a month ago. I've tried everything out already (except for the peppermint lip balm which I gave away) so if you guys want me to review any of the products below, don't hesitate to comment. Okay?

I basically got myself the following:
- Tinted Lip Balm
- Feminine Wash
- Balancing Face Toner
- Balancing Facial Wash
- Sunflower Beauty Oil

Sorry if I still haven't been posting a lot. I might not be able to post a lot in the future as well but I do hope you still continue to read and follow my blog.

If you guys are interested, I'm inviting all of you to join my first youtube giveaway and get the chance to win PINK CIRCLE LENSES, USAMIMI HEADBAND, etc. I would appreciate it if you joined.

with love, Anna Luisa


aMz88 said...

i wanted to buy tinted lippies and balms but i hardly use what i have here huhu anyway i bought the sunflower too ^^ nice haul :D

Anna Luisa said...

haha. why? use it from time to time. you can use tinted lip balm for everyday use. :)

oh, you have it too? i use it as my makeup remover. :)

Sushee said...

i love teas so got curious how it smells.. where did you bought all of these btw? :)

Anna Luisa said...

These are all available online in but I have a friend who's also a dealer of these items so I got it from her. I've seen some of these products being sold in Shopwise.