Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Nichido Juicy Lips in Raspberry Float

Hi guys! So I'm back from Singapore. I'm not sure if you've read my previous post where I talk about planning to go to Singapore. But anyway, here I am back fresh from Singapore. Now I originally wanted to do a makeup travel bag post but I'm still thinking about whether I should do one or not. Anyway, I'll be going ahead with the review of this product so do continue reading.

Nichido Juicy Lips in Raspberry Float has been my everyday lip color for about 2 months before. It's a pretty corally pink color that's really wearable and perfect for everyday use. The color practically brightens up the face without overdoing it and goes well with  neutral-colored makeup (which I usually use for everyday).


 on lips. forgive that one strand of hair that got caught.

So yeah, I love that I can use this for everyday. It's cheap, roughly 80-90 pesos, definitely under 100PHP. ^^ The only down side is that it is not that moisturizing so you may want to put on your lip balm first prior to applying this. I used to use my Nivea lip balm to prep for this but you may use whatever moisturizing lip balm you like. Also, the staying power is not that long so you may want to keep this in your handy dandy makeup bad for touch ups. But other than those minor details, this product is fine. All in all, I like this product. As I've said, I've used it for about 2 months straight as everyday lip color. Try it and share your honest opinions on the product. ^^

with love, Anna Luisa


Jemimah Reyes said...

This looks great on your lips! It looks kind of glossy though, but maybe that's just the flash at work. I will definitely check this out on my next visit to Watson's! Thanks for sharing! :D


Janet said...

the shade is look so sweet and pretty ^_~

Anna Luisa said...

@Jem: yes, i think you're right. it could be the flash. i wore the lip color on top of a lip balm but as you can see on the swatch at the back of my hand, it's not that glossy. haha.

@Janet: I know, right? Try it! :)

Arian ♡ said...

I'm hoping a lip sealer will work for this so I won't need to touch up too much even though it's meant for lipstick and not necessarily for gloss.

Anna Luisa said...

@arian: i do hope that works for you although i've never tried it before. hehe. :)