Friday, November 18, 2011

Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant Oil Control Facial Toner: Review

Hi guys! Another review from me! Yay! It's been so long! Today's review, however, is not a good one. Last month, I bought this toner at Watsons called Watsons Green Tea Antioxidant Oil Control Facial Toner. What lured me to buy the product is the nice scent and of course, the reasonable price of (around) PHP89.00. This toner smells really refreshing but it BROKE ME OUT! U_U
At first, I thought the whole acne drama was all because of my period and my hormones. I stopped using it, had my  facial and waited for my face to clear up. A few days ago, after my face has fully recovered, I decided to  try it again just to see if it really was the product that made me break out or if it was just a coincidence. Sad to say, it wasn't. I just used it for two consecutive days and it broke me out so bad. My forehead is now filled with huge red zits all over. I feel really ashamed to go outside (especially at work where I'm required to tie my hair up and put my bangs away from my face). I would take pictures just to prove it if it didn't embarrass me so much. Yes, that's how bad the situation is right now. Sad to say, I won't be recommending this product for other people to use.

To its defense, my sister uses the product for herself and it did not cause her to break out. In the end, I just gave her the product.

- nice smell
- reasonable price
- easily accessible
- doesn't leave skin dry

- BREAKS ME OUT like there's no tomorrow!

Now is it worth it? For me? NO!

with love, Anna Luisa


Jel ♡ said...

aww thats sad. i am also looking for a goodtoner but with this review im having doubts. hmmm but since your sister didnt get zits, maybe im going to give it a try. thanks for sharing :)

Anna Luisa said...

A good toner that works well for me is the Human Nature Balancing Toner. I just have to find another toner to switch it up with because I can't just stick to one product or it would lose its effect on me. xp

aMz88 said...

OMG watsons products alert! thank u for this review

Sushee said...

Wow, I so love tea products! thanks for sharing this one!

love your blog. Following you now!

Anna Luisa said...

@aMz: you're welcome. :)
@Sushee: thanks for following! will be checking your blog out. :)

Mitha Komala said...

great review dear!! awesome post :D i love your blog <3

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

eiramave said...

I'm just like you. I can't get enough of girl stuff. :3

{Bon Vogueage}™ said...

Tea products are the best!! Want to follow each other? I'm following :)